New hoists for an easier lift

J D Neuhaus has launched two new, innovative air-operated hoists, completing the re-design project and increasing the overall lift capacity for their Profi range.

The new Profi 75 TI and Profi 100 TI hoists offer SWL capacities of 75 and 100 tonne respectively, a big jump up in SWL from existing product lifting capacities that ranged from 250 kg up to 60 t. 

The key component of the latest release of hoists is a new air motor unit, based on the well-proven J D Neuhaus motor-brake concept, also incorporating a patented integrated brake system, with a stepped brake piston and a reliable self-lubricating rotor.

In the standard configuration of a 6 bar air pressure supply, the motor provides a 9 kW power output, adequate for the operation of either hoist while still providing significant energy reductions.

At full nominal lift capacities (75 or 100 t), the compressed air consumed is 7.6 m3/min which represents in excess of 30 per cent saving over the hoists being replaced.

On lowering of full loads, the air consumed is 6 m3/min, which represents an impressive full 50 per cent saving over the power/energy consumption of the hoists being replaced.

The new hoists are designed with machinery group classification according to ISO 4301/FEM 9.5 II is M3/1Bm, which is good for 400 hours full load operation.

The lift and lower speeds with/without loads have also been increased compared with the previous models of hoists, helping to reduce handling and to increase production outputs over a full working day.

The lifting speeds at full load have increased from 0.45 to 0.53 m/min (Profi 75 TI) and 0.35 to 0.4 m/min (Profi 100 TI).

Lifting speeds without a load increase from 0.85 to 1.33 m/min (Profi 75 TI) and from 0.7 to 1.0 m/min (Profi 100 TI).

 The lowering speeds at full load have also benefited, increasing from 1 to 1.25 m/min (Profi 75 TI) and from 0.8 to 0.95 m/min (Profi 100 TI).

Computer simulations like CFD were used throughout the development processes, with all simulation results validated in various praxis tests to achieve energy savings up to 50%, depending upon the operating conditions.

The combination of optimised material selection and modern design methods has also achieved significant weight reductions for the new hoists, with an overall weight saving of 750 kg for the Profi 75 TI, and 640 kg for the Profi 100 TI.

Some reductions in size have also been achieved, particularly that between the load bearing surfaces of the load and suspension hooks.

Significant reductions in sound levels during operation have also been achieved, with the new hoists registering 77 dB(A) at full load lifting and 83 dB(A) on the lowering operation.

Lifting and lowering motor limiters incorporating a pneumatic pin valve design are also available as optional extras for both hoists.

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