New headlamps for increased visibility

Princeton Tec have released the latest model of their Vizz Series headlamp, the Princeton Tec Vizz II.

The headlamp is equipped with a Maxbright 150 lumen spotlight for long range illumination and four Ultrabright LEDs for close to mid-range tasks. Weighing only 92 grams, the it is compact, versatile, and durable for commercial use.

It can run for 108 hours, enabling users to go from a full workweek to outdoor weekend adventures without having to replace the AAA batteries.

The headlamp’s light modes are easily accessed with a tap, double tap or hold of the large top button, allowing users to easily switch between settings in cold weather with gloves on. It also features a regulated circuit system, which provides consistent power output over the lifespan of the batteries; and the battery power meter will alert when recharge or a new set of batteries in necessary.

Additionally, the headlamp is waterproof up to 1m deep.