New guide aims to make miners safer drivers

The NSW Minerals Council has released a Courteous and Safe Driving Guide in response to community feedback over rising mining traffic in the Hunter Valley.

The guide includes tips on securing loads, sharing the road, and managing fatigue.

It was launched by NSW Minister for Resources and Energy Chirs Hartcher on the weekend.

Hartcher said the information would help mining companies ensure employees were driving safe all of the time, not just while at work.

In a statement NSW Minerals Council CEO Stephen Galilee said miners had to consider safety on all roads, not just on site.

“In our industry, each and every one of us has a basic responsibility to be safe by complying with basic road rules as well as an additional duty to be courteous drivers, behaving above and beyond the minimum safety requirements,” he said.

Earlier this month BMA said it was looking at introducing a five-star-only policy for vehicles on its Bowen Basin mines.

Rio Tinto is also looking at introducing a similar plan by 2015.

The new policy could ban some vehicles already popularly used on mine sites, including the Toyota Hilux, which currently has a four star rating.

Image: Coldys

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