New fuel savings for Anglo American coal haulage

A new technology contract will ensure future fuel cost
savings for Anglo American’s coal operations in Australia.

Canadian company Blutip Power Technologies will supply Anglo
American with their Advanced Universal Controller (AUC) for coal haulage, after
successful trials on Caterpillar 797, 793, 789 and 785 series haul trucks at
the Dawson, Capcoal and Drayton mine last year.

Blutip president Chuck Knott said he was very proud to be
working with Anglo American to help them achieve fuel efficiency objectives.

“We are committed to assisting Anglo American maximize their
efficiency by allowing them to reduce the fuel consumed per tonne-hour across
their fleets and by providing real time fuel management analytic tools,” he

The new AUC provides engine remapping that reduces fuel consumption
while maintaining engine power output and other functionality of the original
equipment provider’s electronic control unit.

Blutip said the improvement in Anglo American’s fuel
efficiency through use of the new AUC would reduce particulate matter emissions,
in turn helping Anglo American to reduce its carbon footprint.

The controllers provide data analytic tools for engine loading
time distributions, GPS data and the capability to evaluate other fuel saving

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