New Explosion Proof Pneumatic Impact Wrenches Released

The oil and gas industry is one of the most hazardous working environments, particularly with handling of flammable fuel gases. As the percentage of fuel gasses, mists, and vapours – such as acetylene, propane, and methane – in the air increases the potential for explosions rises, presenting higher risks of injury and even death.

Explosive atmospheres can also be caused by combustible dusts, which, when mixed with air, act as a source of ignition.

Accidents involving methane gas often have devastating results, and can be ignited by something as simple as power tools which can create a single spark that leads to an explosion. Although it is difficult to pinpoint which exact object ignites spark, it is imperative to proactively minimise these risks by using intrinsically safe tools and equipment.

While pneumatic impact wrenches, or rattle guns, are one of the most essential tools for maintenance and construction, the oil and gas and mining industries require more than just the standard features to enhance safety in their operating conditions.

Chicago Pneumatic have developed a new range of spark proof, air driven impact wrenches suitable for these hazardous atmospheric environments.

The wrenches are ATEX certified and IP6 rated, enhancing the company’s main priority of operator safety. Their design provides a higher level of protection against accidental ignition of flammable gasses and dust, both in above and below ground environments.

They are compact and easy to use with long life maintenance capabilities.

They feature a steel motor with aluminium end plates and a steel cylinder, reverse drive and power regulator covered by a rubber padding; ergonomic one-handed operation for reverse and power control setting, a suspendable bail for hanging the tool to reduce worker fatigue and weight, an internal oil bath to lubricate parts for intensive use, a progressive trigger for teasable power, and a forged steel clutch housing to resist harsh conditions.

More importantly, the tool’s internal parts are shielded from airborne particles by a bronze muffler which protects against sparks in the atmosphere, and also extends its operating life by preventing foreign body ingress.

The wrench is suitable for use in oil, LNG, and other petrochemical plants; underground mining pits; and timber, pulp, and paper mills. It can also be used in food and grain processing.

The New range is available in ½”, ¾” and 1” drive pistol grip versions.

To find out more on how Chicago Pneumatic’s latest range of ATEX Certified Impact Wrenches can make an impact on your productivity, safety, and bottom line, click here to download a free whitepaper to learn more.

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