New Enerpac electric torque wrench

Enerpac has released the new Electric Torque Wrench to improve bolting efficiency.

It has a maximum torque capacity from 1625-8135Nm, and incorporates the latest SMART safety and efficiency technology.

The wrench includes a seven-inch touchscreen on the control box as well as a bright 3-line LED display on the back of the tool, so that it can be read easily, even in bright sunlight.

The control box is designed to simplify complex jobs through the creation of automatic presets. In addition, fastening records can be viewed onscreen and transferred through a standard USB connection.

Enerpac Bolting product manager Andrew Marsh said the LED display on the back of the tool minimises downtime.

“It has pass/fail indicators, increase/decrease selection buttons for torque, direction turn selection and indicators – so the user can monitor and manage the fastening process without returning to the control box,” he said.

“Efficiency and reliability are key considerations with this new tool. Each tool is performance tested and shipped with a factory calibration certificate to increase torque accuracy and repeatability, and to facilitate traceability and safety compliance.”

The wrench has a high speed continuous rotation, which allows it to perform the job faster than manual methods. It is built with a low friction planetary gearbox to minimise wear and extend uptime. Users can also input a nominal torque value followed by a specific angle of rotation, further enhancing efficiency and ease-of-use.

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