New drug testing clinic to service north-west NSW mining industry

A new drug testing clinic is set to open in Boggabri to cater for the growing mining industry in north-west New South Wales.

Operated by Frontline Diagnostics, the agency will employ five trained technicians and provide complete screening as well as results analysis and reporting.

The company will also provide policy consultation for workplaces and education and training workshops.

Managing director of Frontline Diagnostics, Michael White, told Australian Mining the company will test both mine employees and contractors working at sites.

White said the Boggabri facility would be the only type of its kind in the area, with workers currently forced to travel to Newcastle in order to “get their certificate up to date”.

Having worked in the mining industry for over 15 years, White said regular drug testing was extremely important.

White said there was a growing social trend in thinking that marijuana and synthetic drugs were not affecting people’s ability to work.

“We’re not in town to stop anyone doing anything in their own time but if they turn up at work under the influence of a drug, intoxicated or with a hangover  and then get into a 200 tonne truck, they can do some extraordinary damage to themselves and anybody else nearby,” White said.

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