New drills and bits released by Sandvik to fit new drill rigs

Sandvik has launched a swathe of new equipment following the unveiling of its new Pantera drill rigs.

It has released new top hammer rock drills, bits, and developed new steel to support the sheer size and demands of these new machines.

The company has broken new ground with the launch of the world's largest hydraulic top hammer rock drill – the RD2045C.

It was developed for the DP2000 top hammer drill, and the 45kW rock drill is able to drill holes of between 152 to 178 millimetres in diameter.

”Our new RD2045C makes up part of a complete, integrated drilling system in which percussion energy transfer is optimised from piston through tools to rock, allowing the efficiencies of hydraulic top hammer drilling to be applied in large diameter drilling applications," Jukka Naapuri, the product manager for top hammer production drills, explained.

Its construction is based on three main body modules that are tied together with four strong, short side bolts, along with only two moving parts within the percussion mechanism.

"For the first time in the market, RD2045C introduces a closed-loop shank lubrication system for surface drills," he added.

"This environmentally friendly closed-loop lubrication technology is an example of how we integrate EHS in product design."

It has also released a new hammer for its down the hole drill rig, the Pantera DI6400.

This hammer, known as the RH460, features a new design.

It uses a V-Lock system and incorporates oil grooves to ensure better lubrication coverage, while the piston bearing area has been increased.

"The main change in design has been expanding the piston bearing surface, which decreases the force of the impact and disperses distress waves, while the grooves helps to dispense the oil and lubrication better," Sandvik told Australian Mining.

The taper lock system helps keep the half sleeve in place, minimising movement.

It is launching them in a four, five, and six inch size to begin with.

The four and five inch are already out, with plans for the six to hit either later this year or early 2014.

An eight inch version is believed to be under test in Australia.

However they were quick to state that the RH460 is not an outright replacement for the RH550.

It has also developed new steel and threads to tackle the issue of the thread snapping at its weakest point.

"The thread is now shorter, although the bit is the same, and we fixed this by moving the weak break-prone section into the bit, which has removed a lot of the stresses and dramatically increased the life of the thread," Sandvik said.

They added that this also provides less bending and helps to keep the drill going in the same direction.

"Customer feedback so far has been that they can now start the hole where they want to start and keep going in the direction they want to go."

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