New dragline brakes launched

Eaton has developed new floating housing brakes for heavy duty dragline applications.

The air-cooled, spring-applied brakes feature long wearing friction material and a rugged rotating disc available in sizes 130 and 138.

According to Eaton, the Airflex brake’s friction pads can hold up to 2400 E-stops before a friction change is needed, requiring replacement only once or twice every three to five years, instead of up to six times in a year.

The company explained that during the replacement process, a ‘quick change’ friction lining can be replaced in minutes instead of the hours needed in traditional braking systems.

Its tapered shaft lock (TSL) also helps to maximise service life by eliminating spline wear during freewheeling.

It uses a solid rotor and stationary friction material to develop equal torque in either direction of rotation.

The floating housing brake also cuts rotational inertia compared to typical caliper brake systems.

It has 20 per cent less inertia on hoist functions and seven per cent less inertia on swing functions, while its softer braking capability reduces thermal power loading, providing softer braking and less friction and overall motor wear.

The floating housing brakes are compatible with a wide range of motors, and are rated for 32540 Nm to 48918 Nm of torque.

“At Eaton, we understand that limiting downtime is paramount to the success of mining operations; even scheduled downtime for maintenance can eat into the productivity and profitability of a mine,” Mike Williams, product line manager at Eaton, said.

“The Airflex Floating Housing Brake is revolutionary disc brake technology that reduces downtime and maintenance costs by maximising friction life, eliminating gear spline wear, lowering inertia and speeding maintenance.”


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