New CSG rules for QLD

The Queensland government has released new rules, outlining how it will manage the coal seam gas industry in the state.

The Department of Mines and Natural Resources has unveiled its "Coal Seam Gas Engagement and Compliance Plan 2013", revealing how the state plans to ensure good practice from the controversial industry.

Included in the plan are steps to randomly inspect 250 operating gas wells a year, audit 45% o f all CSG drilling, and inspect 80% of seismic activity.

Minister Andrew Cripps said well inspection would increase as the number of gas wells increased.

The work would be managed by the CSG Compliance Unit.

Its executive director Bill Date said the group would work closely with the community, with at least 20 community meetings scheduled for 2013.

"This is not an industry that will be established at any cost," Cripps said.

“The Newman Government supports the development of Queensland’s CSG industry, but recognises the balance between the interests of industry, rural landholders, regional communities and our environment.

"We will continue to expect high standards and work towards the continuous improvement of Queensland's CSG industry."

Companies are also expected to make their own inspections and audits.

The new management plan by QLD comes just days after the NSW government introduced tough new measures on the coal seam gas industry.

For a full copy of the plan, click here.


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