New construction jobs for Surat Basin region

The resources sector is expected to create more than 2000 jobs in the Surat Basin over the next two years, with coal seam gas the main contributor.

Queensland Gas Company, operator of the recently completed QCLNG liquefaction and export plant, announced recently the $1.7 billion Charlie 1 Project, which will create 1600 jobs during the two-year construction phase.

The new development near Wandoan will incorporate 300 to 400 new gas wells, a large compression station with associated pipeline and facilities to connect with the existing Wolleebee Creek gas and water infrastructure.

Other projects due to come online include the Wilkie Creek coalmine at Macalister which will create 126 local jobs , and the contentious New Acland Stage 3 expansion which will create another 135 local jobs on top of the present workforce of 300 people.

Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise chief executive officer Ben Lyons said the developments were good news for the Surat Basin area.

"QGC's $1.7 billion Charlie project alone will create 1600 construction jobs during the two-year construction phase, with the project creating a very welcome boost to southern Queensland's economy," he said.

"As we are all well aware, 2015 saw Queensland's CSG industry move from the construction to the operational phase of many of our major gas projects and as a result we have seen fewer jobs in the industry as there were in the previous boom years.

"Projects like Charlie are not just going to create jobs and boost Queensland's economy, they will also help local towns like Wandoan, in particular, and small businesses in the communities see benefits of increased local spending."

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