New brochure released on the advantages of coarse particle floatation

Eriez Flotation Division, an innovator in the mineral processing industry, has published a new brochure titled “This Changes Everything!” which explains how coarse particle flotation (CPF) technology can increase mill throughput by as much as 15 to 20 percent while reducing energy and media consumption and providing a coarse tailings stream, without a loss in mineral recovery.

Eriez executive vice president of global technology, Mike Mankosa, said, “We created this brochure to shine a light on how the HydroFloat Separator–which has already re-shaped the mineral processing industry–is now revolutionising the sulphide and base metal markets.”

“This piece highlights how our state-of-the-art separator can reduce capital and operating costs while improving sustainability and environmental efforts.”

The brochure offers a detailed timeline of the development of the HydroFloat Separator. Results are presented from early phosphate studies in 1997 to more recent sulfide evaluations which have shown that as little as one percent surface expression is required for nearly complete recovery of coarse particles. It goes on to highlight the major benefits of coarse particle flotation which include reduced energy and media consumption, greater mill throughput, increased copper recovery, coarser tailings and improved water recovery. A 3-D product rendering and overview of the HydroFloat’s principle of operation are also included.

As part of its commitment to advancing the mineral processing industry, Eriez provides a wide array of valuable resources to customers. Mankosa, a leader in the field who has published nearly 100 articles and obtained numerous equipment and process patents, recently co-authored three groundbreaking coarse particle flotation papers. These papers were originally presented at the 2016 International Mineral Processing Congress (IMPC).

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Eriez Flotation Division (EFD), formerly known as Canadian Process Technologies, develops advanced flotation technology and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Eriez Manufacturing Co.

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