New body launched for mechanics truck

IMT has developed a new body design for its Dominator III mechanics truck.

According to the company the new body design accommodates the IMT model 12000 telescopic crane without a front stabiliser for operators that do not require 100 per cent lift capacity in all load zones.

“Since its release, the IMT Dominator III mechanics truck has been serving a unique niche customer with mid-range lifting needs,” Jim Hasty, IMT’s general manager, said.

“Our new body design is the result of listening to our customers’ needs, and demonstrates our unyielding commitment to providing reliable and durable products that help them get their work done.”

The machine is designed for operators that need more lifting capacity than the previous Dominator II vehicle’s 4.53 tonne maximum but do not require the 6.35 tonne capacity of the Dominator IV mechanics truck.

It is designed to support the IMT 12000 telescopic crane, which provides nine metres of reach.

The new Dominator III body will be available in both 3.35 metre and 4.26 metre lengths, replacing the existing 3.96 metre version.

With two side pack configurations for each body length — a right front raised with the left side all raised and an all raised version — customers have four configuration options to choose from.

Standard features of the new telescopic crane design include ten degrees of negative boom angle for increased versatility and capacity to be reached easier from ground levels; a fully proportional piston grip radio remote control; a flip sheave boom tip for added lift height in tight quarters; a planetary winch that allows for faster hoisting and lowering speeds and smoother overall operation; and a patented boom hook stow that allows the boom hook to be stowed more easily and faster.

The new body also features increased accessibility to tools by providing front vertical compartments with single doors, and incorporates a shelf hanger bracket systems for quick adjustment of compartment shelves.

It also comes with an energy absorbing boom stow that protects the top of the body compartments from damage if too much pressure is exerted from stowing the crane; high-intensity LED compartment lighting; and a multiplex electrical system with programmable logic for increased reliability.

The new bodies are slated to be begin shipping in December. 

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