New blasting world record set

Dyno Nobel has reportedly set a new world record for through seam blasting.

In late April the company carried out a through seam blast at a central Queensland open cut coal mine using 4788 Digishot plus detonators, making it “the largest through seam blast ever recorded to date using electronic detonators,” Dyno Nobel said.

Through seam blasting is used to increase productivity by making it possible to blast through multiple coal seams in a single blast event.

“This is beneficial when coal seams are steeply dipping and enables blasts to be designed to a workable grade below the coal seam,” Dyno Nobel said.

“Utilising flexible timing during through seam blasting is crucial because it increases efficiency by confining the coal and minimising movement and dilution while the interburden below the seam is blasted.”

The blast was designed and engineered with the mine’s drill and blast team, and Dyno Nobel, and was loaded over a 16 day period across 1729 blast holes on four terraces.

Importantly there were no reported misfires.

According to the company the system is able to initiate almost double the amount of detonators.

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