New Australian first gloves launched

Elliots has released new Australian gloves that are the first to reach a new standard of certification.

The release comes as hand injury rates increase in the mining industry.

According to Safe Work Australia, in the 2012-13 FY alone there were more than 116 000 serious claims relating to hand injuries in the workplace.

In the mining industry itself hand injuries account for the second most common cause of lost time injuries.

On the back of this Elliots has developed new gloves, dubbed the G-Glex range, which are the first safety gloves of their type to be certified to AS/NZS2161.3:2005 Occupational protective standard which provides protection against mechanical risks, and is rated to CE Standards that is European Standard.

"On most sites in Australia, you cannot wear safety glasses, hard hats, boots, respiratory equipment that is not certified to Australian/ New Zealand Standards,”Elliotts managing director, Anthony Elliott, explained

“So why not gloves? This is what led us to developing and certifying the new G-Flex range of gloves. We are all about quality safety gear and are very focused on industry standards, whether Australian or international standards," he said.

There are five different varieties of the new gloves, according to Elliott, which all provide both cut and impact resistance.

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