New approval conditions for Queensland

The Queensland Government has announced revised approval conditions for coal fired power stations in the State.

The Queensland Government has announced revised approval conditions for new coal-fired power stations in an effort to support the State’s transition towards a low carbon future.

According to State Mines and Energy Minister Stephen Robertson, under ClimateQ no power station will be approved in Queensland unless it uses world’s best practice low emission technology, and it is carbon capture and storage (CCS) ready and will retrofit that technology within five years of CCS being proven on a commercial scale.

Robertson said the new conditions strike an effective balance between the need for energy and the need to lower carbon emissions.

“It provides industry with greater clarity about the future role and expectations for the use of coal in the electricity generating sector,” he said.

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh told Parliament yesterday that the new plan involves $87 million in new funding and will help the entire State.

ClimateQ includes detailed analysis of climate change projections for 13 regions covering all of Queensland to help local governments, communities and industries better understand and plan for impacts,” she said.

Robertson said the Government recognises the importance of coal to Queensland’s future and will work to maintain its key economic role.

“Queensland derives great economic benefit from our vast coal reserves and the Government is committed to ensuring the industry has a sustainable future,” he said.

“Coal will continue to play a vital role in energy generation and the ongoing economic prosperity of Queensland.”

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