New appointee bolsters MEC Mining’s underground metals capability

MEC Mining principal underground mining engineer Alessandro Dotta.

In keeping with MEC Mining’s positive and proactive approach to serving its clients’ needs, the company has Alessandro Dotta as its principal underground mining engineer.

MEC general manager Christofer Catania welcomed Dotta’s arrival, particularly at this time, seeing his appointment as a welcome addition to the future planning taking place in the company.

Catania explained, “While MEC adapted easily to the recent crisis, we are ready to hit the ground running as everyone returns to normality.”

Catania views Dotta’s appointment as an opportunity for the company to emerge stronger in the underground metals field.

“With Alessandro on board, we will be in an excellent position to offer expertise and support to our clients with underground metals operations and projects,” he said.

Dotta is equally keen, stating: “Working for a company like MEC with a progressive outlook is a gift. Despite the devastating hit of the recent pandemic, mines have been able to stay operational. Still, there are many clients out there looking for support and we’ll be here, ready to help problem-solve as they adapt in a changed landscape.”

Dotta joins MEC with an arsenal of qualifications and plenty of experience, having worked on underground metals operations widely in Australia and overseas and most recently as principal mining engineer with GEMS, Australia, where he delivered strong results in a wide array of challenging situations.

Not only does Dotta come armed with a raft of experience across commodities, mining methods and software, he expertises in cross-functional team integrations and optimum safety compliance solidify his effectiveness.

Among his areas of expertise, Dotta cites underground technical services, technical studies, mining methods review and optimisation, systems implementation and training as his repertoire.

While Dotta undoubtedly boasts an outstanding resume, he believes it is his adaptability and ability to communicate that are key to finding successful outcomes for his customers.

He explained: “Each operation is unique and successful strategies emerge to solve problems once the crucial collaboration between us begins.”

With fluency in three languages, Dotta is well placed to engage fully in those collaborations.

General manager Catania feels Dotta’s ethos is just one of the reasons he will make a great addition to the company.

“Alessandro’s work ethic and practice strongly reflect the way we work at MEC. His experience and problem-solving approach mean that he will complement our already diverse and strong team,” Catania concluded.

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