New 320-Ton Hauler Delivers Big Performance Advantages

In recent years, 320-ton electric-drive trucks have emerged as the go-to haulage option for mine sites around the world. Now, as many of those mines begin to replace their ageing fleets, they’re discovering that one new truck delivers substantial improvements over existing models in both performance and cost per ton: the Cat 794 AC.

Introduced in 2015 following extensive field testing, the Cat 794 AC electric-drive truck features a combination of proven designs—a chassis that has accumulated approximately 18 million operating hours and a power train that has accrued three million hours. The result is class-leading productivity and proven reliability, along with simple operation and serviceability.

Class-leading productivity and proven reliability

When configured for their application, some other trucks in this size class weigh considerably more, which can reduce payloads or decrease cycle times. As a true 320-ton (291-tonne) truck, the Cat 794 AC can accommodate additional weight allowances for options and body liners. Mines can fit it for superior durability without negatively affecting production.

Another productivity-booster is the 794 AC’s speed on grade. Due to an efficient, fully integrated Cat power train and machine configuration, it’s faster than other popular models in its class—consistently demonstrating a 0.6 mph (0.97 kph) advantage on an 11% grade in real-world trials. That can mean a significant production advantage on uphill hauls.

Plus, with 308,647 lb (140,000 kg) of stall torque—19% more than another popular 320-ton truck—the 794 AC delivers better performance in soft underfoot conditions. That can lead to faster cycle times, especially when pulling away from a loading tool on soft ground.

Simple operation and serviceability

For truck operators, the Cat 794 AC’s four-corner wet disc brakes and dynamic braking help ensure stable handling and fast stopping, boosting confidence behind the controls as well as increasing component life. An industry-leading 5480 hp (4086 kw) of continuous retarding power—40% more than a popular competitor—also lets operators work more confidently on steep downhill hauls.

Technicians at mines running the 794 AC consistently praise the truck’s simplicity and ease of service access. Unlike trucks with DC motors, which need two hours of maintenance to change the brushes, the 794 AC’s grid is powered by a brushless AC motor that requires no regular maintenance.

In addition, a variable speed hydraulic blower delivers almost 8% more cooling capacity than other trucks’ direct drive motors, providing optimum cooling even at idle. That helps key electrical components last longer, reducing total owning and operating costs.

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For a look at seven ways the 794 AC outperforms its most popular competitor in the 320-ton electric-drive truck class, download the PDF.


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