Neousys Technology goes fanless

Neousys Technology

Neousys Technology has released its latest fanless embedded computers, the Nuvo-9000 series and the Nuvo-9531 series, which are ideal for automation, vision inspection and industrial edge computing applications.

Powered by Intel 12th-Gen Alder Lake Core i processor, the computers support up to 64GB of DDR5-4800 memory, flexible expansion, wide temperature operations and rich input/output (I/O) ports.

Benefited by the 16-core/24-thread configuration of Intel 12th generation Core I processor, the Nuvo-9000 and Nuvo-9531 series present an incredible boost of performance when compared to the previous-generation platform.

With the Intel 12th generation processors, the fanless embedded computers support the new DDR5 memory standard for more memory bandwidth to handle additional workloads.

“As the latest generation products, Nuvo-9000 and Nuvo-9531 series combine all the advantages in one,” Neousys Technology product director Chris Ni said.

“Not only do they embody the excellent processing power of Intel’s 12th-Gen processor, but they also inherit Neousys’ rugged DNA for performance optimisation and true fanless operation.

“Nuvo-9000 and Nuvo-9531 series will have extended variants to suit various vertical markets including in-vehicle, machine vision, edge AI, and compact dimensions for tight installation environments.”

The Nuvo-9000 series has flexible expansion via Neousys’ patented expansion Cassette module and MezIO interface.

The Neousys patented cassette module is an innovative design that makes installing and replacing procedures easy while the passive cooling design is reliable and quiet during operation.

It has up to two PCIe (peripheral component interconnect express) x16 slots that can install frame grabber cards, patented power backup module, DIO/AIO cards, or accommodate four 2.5-inch HDD/SSD.

The MezIO interface offers computer signals, power rails, and control signals via a high-speed connector.

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