Need for lean- what Mining can learn from ‘Smart’ Manufacturing

The ‘Internet of Things’ touted as the fourth industrial revolution is already influencing operations on many Australian mine sites as the grapple to improve productivity and cut costs becomes increasingly important in the wake of the boom.

This move towards ‘smart mining’ incorporates a convergence of IT and operational technologies, which have the ability to revolutionise safety, productivity and efficiency.

Rio Tinto, already ahead of the game have reported that their project “steel ballet” has already seen ten autonomous trucks cover a distance equivalent to going to the moon and back, without a single human hand laid on the steering wheel, and all controlled in an operations centre 1,500km away from site.

It is an exciting time, but the transition won’t be without it challenges. Operations will rely a lot on reliable network connectivity and infrastructure, which is considerably harder to achieve in mining due to the need for robustness and remote capabilities.

With other industries like manufacturing far ahead in terms of smart and autonomous technology, it is likely that mining can learn a lot from lean processes in manufacturing and how to mitigate the risk of operational failure.

In this whitepaper, learn the facts about the fourth industrial revolution and how it will impact daily operations; the security risks associated with having such large scale infrastructures ‘online’ and solutions for implementing ‘self-healing’ redundant and failover solutions.

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