Native Title Tribunal releases mining DVD

The Native Title Tribunal has released a DVD designed to assist resources sector in navigating the process, Tribunal President Graeme Neat told MINING DAILY.

The national Native Title Tribunal has released a 15 minute DVD designed to assist miners in understanding the legal processes and requirements involved in native titles.

The DVD focuses specifically on mining and exploration activities and its interaction with the indigenous community.

Speaking to MININGDAILY, Tribunal President Graeme Neat explained that navigating these legal requirements can be seen as difficult and complex.

Having to deal with it on a daily basis can be daunting.

“Finding the support and assistance you need is the first hurdle.”

This DVD has been produced to provide some of the basic information to help people get started,” Neat said.

He went on to say the options available for resolution of native title problems and issues are frequently not completely understood by all participants.

This DVD follows the process of negotiations when a company puts a mining or exploration proposal, Neat explained.

“We’ve asked people who have navigated the native title process to help explain some of the stumbling blocks that may be encountered and to provide some first hand suggestions on how to approach native title negotiations,” Neat said.

The aim of the “DVD should be to encourage the indigenous community and the resources sector to actively engage with one another,” Neat told MINING DAILY.

The DVD shows examples of previous native title agreements successfully brokered.

It gives the Argyle Diamond indigenous land use agreement in Western Australia, the exploration agreement between Beach Petroleum and the Wangkumarra as well as the granting of many small mining tenements in the Queensland Gemfield on the traditional lands of the Kangoulu people.

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