National skills advisors to enhance productivity

A network of industry skills advisors is set to enhance workforce performance and boost productivity in the resources sector, according to SkillsDMC

SkillsDMC has introduced a national network of industry skills advisors to enhance workforce performance and boost productivity in the resources sector.

A number of advisors have been allocated to work in partnership with state governments to address skills issues and boost productivity amid the mining downturn.

SkillsDMC Chief Executive Officer, Des Caulfield, told MINING DAILY the consultants will use the latest technology to deliver hands-on assistance to help organisations with workforce planning, training and analysis.

The advisors will use systems to assess business enterprises and provide mining companies with feedback and suggestions to enhance their workplace capabilities. According to Caulfield, new technology will allow the advisors to provide organisations with detailed reports to identify skill areas which require attention.

“With a clear picture of the organisation’s capacity and capability, businesses will be able to improve productivity, performance and their long-term profitability,” Caulfield said.

“It will provide an early warning system for the industry and allow businesses to figure out how they can plan ahead for the future in these tough times,” he said.

It is hoped the initiative will help mines strengthen their workforce to maximise output and work towards nationalising workplace skill standards.

A skills advisory package is free of charge and includes ongoing support and advice.

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