National Riggers Day

Tomorrow is National Riggers Day, November the First, the
day when you can show some appreciation for the high risk work performed by dogmen,
riggers and crane drivers to get the job done on construction sites, shutdowns, and operational mines around the country.

The national day of recognition began in 2013 when two
riggers on a shutdown at Murrin Murrin, Axol Ross and Jason Laurendi, decided
to start a Facebook page that would announce November the First as National
Riggers Day.

“It was actually Jason who came up with the idea,” page
moderator Axol Ross said.

“One day at work he said if there was a Secretary’s Day,
there really ought to be a day of recognition for riggers.”

“It’s really just about being a day when riggers can take
pride in knowing the work they do is appreciated, and for everyone to recognise
and remember all the riggers past and present who build the structures we need
in society,” he said.

Rigging is a high risk job which is performed by skilled
labourers and tradesmen, and involves a number of different fields of rigging,
most of which are performed at heights.

Riggers and others can show their support of National
Riggers Day by joining the National Riggers Day Facebook page and sending in
their message of support for making this an official national day.

Images: Choiceindustrialtraining, Europa

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