Narrabri longwall running

Whitehaven Coal has announced that its Narrabri coal mine's longwall is complete and commissioning underway.

According to the company the installation of 10 000 tonnes of equipment with installed power of 7MW and the commencement of longwall commissioning completes the construction phase of the project.

It will now carry out a three month commissioning and ramp up program to bring the longwall into full production.

Whitehaven says "the Narrabri longwall is one of the most advanced of its kind, with the latest automation and safety features".

The longwall is expected to produce around six million tonnes of raw coal annually.

The coal itself will be 95% saleable after processing.

Tony Haggarty, Whitehaven's CEO, said "this is one of the most significant milestones for our Narrabri project and represents years of hard work.

"Power was connected to the longwall on Tuesday and we will now move through the commissioning process, during which we will gradually increase production."

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