Nambucca Valley mining license gets the go ahead

Mining exploration is set to start up in Nambucca Valley after a company was granted at license by the NSW government to search for gold and antimony.

Precious Metal Resources have been granted an exploration license covering an area of 330sq km in the areas around Taylors Arm, Thumb Creek, Giralong, Burrapine and Buckrabendinni. The area borders on the New England National Park.

The exploration program aims to examine old mines, with drilling to be carried out to determine the extent of the inferred resources.

In a statement, PMR say it “is likely that the nature of the deposits will demand small underground narrow vein mining operations.”

The initial exploration license has been granted for two years.

However grassroots opposition to mining exploration has been growing in the region.

The Lock the Nambucca Valley group was recently formed to ensure landowners and residents were aware of their rights, The Advocate reported.

LNV President Rudy Van Drie spoke out at a recent meeting about the concerns she had around mining antimony in the region.

"The extreme instability of the geological formations in our valleys is evidenced by the many landslips recently," Van Drie said.

"The Macleay River has already been contaminated with arsenic and other compounds from the Hillgrove Antimony mine to the degree that scientists say it will remain contaminated for centuries or millennia."

Image: The Advocate

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