MST Global releases ‘uninterruptible’ power supply range for mining

AXON Mini UPS, AXON Connect UPS and AXON Force UPS

Mining technology company MST Global has developed a new range of network solution and safety equipment that is specifically designed for operation in harsh environments.

These include AXON Mini UPS, a single-level uninterruptible power supply appropriate in tunnelling and hard rock environments; AXON Connect UPS a mid-level power supply that can enable voice and other IP solutions for tunnelling and hard rock environments; and AXON Force UPS, the most extensive of the power supplies, designed for hard rock mines and vast tunnel networks.

In developing these UPS systems, MST hopes to offer greater reliability and a more holistic system solution to users than before.

Uninterrupted power is critical for the safety and productivity of all mines and tunnel operations. Using the appropriate power supply eases installation requirements, and ensures the long term reliability and scalability of the network.

When considering the power supply to a digital network after purchasing the main network gear, and main power outlets are not readily available underground, choosing the power supply last may complicate the process and incur more costs, according to MST product manager Dmitri Fechine.

“By bringing the power supply considerations upfront and offering a range of suitable power supply solutions suitable for various scenarios, MST is helping customers to reduce their capital and operational expenses as well as to improve the overall system performance and reliability,” he said.

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