Movement Planner goes live to support Aurizon’s network

GE Transportation and Aurizon have announced a successful implementation of GE’s Movement Planner into Aurizon’s Control Centre.

GE Transportation’s Movement Planner is an advanced software solution that provides real-time rail traffic planning and optimization, enabling freight to move more efficiently using existing rail networks.

The solution considers multiple factors including train schedules, traffic-control systems and train movements relative to each other and then develops an optimized traffic plan for the trains throughout the network.

The roll-out began in April, and implementation across all nine control boards was recently completed. The solution is expected to improve network velocity, capacity, and on-time performance across Aurizon’s Central Queensland Coal Network – which supports more than 85 coal services daily across one of the most complex rail freight networks in the country.

“Investment in both information and operations technology is an integral part of Aurizon’s strategy to become a world leading rail-based transport business. We’re always trying to improve our network performance, and this digital solution will allow us to optimise the network, improve efficiency, and provide better service for our customers,” said Alex Kummant, Executive Vice President, Aurizon Network.

“Aurizon has a clear vision to transform the operational efficiency and effectiveness of its business through the deployment of cutting edge solutions. We are pleased to provide key support to further enable their capabilities,” said Seth Bodnar, Chief Digital Officer of GE Transportation. “Movement Planner will support the efficient flow of rail traffic across approximately 2,700 kilometers of Aurizon’s rail network.”

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