Mount Lyell operator charged with worker deaths

Copper Mines of Tasmania (CMT) has been charged with the deaths of two workers at the Mount Lyell mine in December 2013.

The company faces fines of $1.5 million if convicted of failing to ensure safe systems of work.

Alistair Lucas and Craig Gleeson died after they sustained injuries in a mineshaft fall.

The charges relate to the Worksafe investigation which examined whether or not the incident was preventable.

Shortly after the December incident another worker was killed when a mudslide ripped through the lower levels of the mine in January 2014.

Rockfalls continued to plague the mine, which resulted in closures and numerous redundancies throughout 2014.

ABC reported that CMT project manager Jared DeRoss said the company would comply with all processes required.

"Our thoughts are still firmly with the families of our lost mates and our focus at CMT remains to ensure that similar incidents do not occur at Mt Lyell," he said.

"We have recently hosted a detailed risk assessment workshop with expert participants from around the globe to demonstrate that designed mining and safety systems can safely manage the risks.

"We have also recently conducted a detailed structural safety audit of our shaft and hoisting system with a view to upgrade the facility with any potential start up."

CMT, a subsidiary of Vedanta Resources, will face the charges in the Queenstown Magistrates Court in September.

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