Motel owners win case against FIFO sex workers

Hotel and motel owners have won the right to evict FIFO sex workers after the QLD government changed the anti-discrimination act.

It comes after a fly in fly out sex worker won her appeal against motels refusing rooms to sex workers in Queensland mining regions.

The sex industry has long been a lucrative market in the male dominated mining communities, however for some time now the issue has created problems between those working offering the services and local accommodation venues, which were turning the sex workers away.

Earlier this year a sex worker in QLD's mining regions claimed discrimination in the area was "disgusting" and forcing workers out of accommodation could push them into dangerous situations on the streets.

The woman, known only as "Karlaa" began her appeal in July after losing a discrimination case last year where she claimed $30,000 in damages for economic loss, humiliation, and stress.

At the time the court ruled she had not been discriminated against as a sex worker but rather for her business.

The government has now strengthened the hotel and motel owners right to evict these workers.

Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie said the changes would give business owners the power to refuse to rent rooms to sex workers.

“A recent QCAT decision ruled the owners of a motel in Moranbah had breached the Anti-Discrimination Act by denying a legal sex worker a room,” Mr Bleijie said.

“I announced at the time that I would attempt to overturn this decision given its ramifications on the accommodation industry in Queensland.

“This decision is being appealed by the Moranbah motel but it is necessary in the interim to change the law to give businesses certainty in controlling the use of their premises.

“The changes will mean business owners can refuse a sex worker accommodation or evict them if they have reason to believe they are operating a business from their premises.

Bleijie went on to state that “it is about levelling the playing field so the laws suit the majority not the minority".

The laws took affect yesterday.

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