More wins for Lynas

A Malaysian Parliamentary Committee as recommended Lynas Corporation keeps the temporary operating licence for its processing facility in Kuantan.

The Committee findings are the latest win for the rare earths hopeful, and follow the Malaysian Government's move to dismiss a different claim against its operations.

In a statement the company said the Government had established the Committee to investigate and raise awareness about the Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP).

Lynas said the LAMP had been subject to "intense independent, expert scrutiny" and the Committee had approved its plans.

In a statement Lynas executive chairman Nicholas Curtis said he welcomed the report's findings.

"We are committed to operating in a safe and sustainable manner and to making a significant ongoing contribution to Malaysia," he said.

Yesterday protest group Save Malaysia Stop Lynas criticised the report's findings.

"Lynas will be discharging 90,000 cubic metre of so-claimed treated waste gas; 500 to 700 tonnes of treated waste water — with traces of radioactive substances, chemicals and heavy metals and close to half a million tonnes of hazardous sludge…" it said.

SMSL also vowed to bring further legal action against Lynas in Malaysia and Australia.

"As soon as we have our cases together, we will lodge it with the court," it said.

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