More than a stopgap solution

Air Springs Supply has introduced a new range of Pronal stoppers to the Australian market that range from use in testing to emergency tasks.

Leaking liquid is one of the major potential hazards involved in min­erals processing.

Given the liquids involved are often either corrosive or other dangerous chemicals, it is important to ensure they stay where they are supposed to.

Industrial actuation and isolation specialists Air Springs Supply had that in mind when they recently introduced an expanded range of inflatable pipe stoppers.

From elastomer products company Pronal, the multi-size stoppers are designed for maintenance, testing and emergency tasks.

According to Air Springs Supply general manager Simon Agar, in addi­tion to typical sealing and maintenance work, the stoppers can also be applied to prevent accidental spills.

The new line of stoppers is needed in the minerals processing industry as it continues to increase, Agar said.

“The tremendous expansion of infra­structure projects in recent years has led to expanding demand for stoppers from both the industrial and the munic­ipal markets,” he said.

“Our ranges are being expanded in response to the growing need for stop­pers that are easy and quick to set up, perfectly sealed, totally watertight and safe to use.”

The expanded line of Pronal stoppers spans pipes from 45 to 2115 mm dia­meter in stock sizes, as well as up to

3000 mm for customised types.

The stopper types include Vari plugs which, according to Air Springs Supply, are 45 to 1500 mm with a blank stopper bypass and are designed for testing watertightness.

The Uni-Plug collapsible pipe stop­pers measure from 20 to 3,000 mm and are designed to compactly fit around obstacles, corners and into previously inaccessible areas.

Pollu-Plug and anti-pollution stop­pers are intended to be permanently fit­ted to pipes for rapid inflation by remote triggering as soon as an emergency arises in industrial, civil and municipal appli­cations, Air Springs Supply said.

“The versatility of the material used and the production method means Pronal inflatable stoppers are suitable for all types of pipelines including concrete, cast iron, steel, stainless steel and PVC,” he said.

• Air Springs Supply

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