More pressure on 100 per cent FIFO in CQ

Queensland Labor has announced plans to end 100 per cent FIFO hiring practices for mines near Central Queensland mines if elected next year.

State opposition leader Annastacia Palaszczuk has pledged to review all current 100 per cent FIFO approvals at mines located near regional towns, and to ensure no more are approved.

The member for Inala said the new policy would give workers more choice about where they lived and worked.

“From talking to families in mining towns across Queensland, we know how crucial it is for those Queenslanders to have access to secure, long-term jobs close to where they live,” she said.

“If you live in Moranbah or Mackay or Rockhampton, you should be able to work there or at least nearby.

“The practice of dictating to workers that they must move to Brisbane or Cairns and fly-in, fly-out if they want a job isn't sustainable over the long-term.

“My commitment to Queenslanders that live in mining communities is that under the next Labor Government, 100 per cent FIFO proposals will not be approved and we will review all existing 100per cent FIFO approvals within the first 100 days of office.”

In June deputy premier Jeff Seeney told APN that he supported ending 100% FIFO operations.

Liberal MPs Michelle Landry and George Christensen are also vocal supporters of the abolition of 100 per cent FIFO hiring policies, and have been meeting with BMA and CEO Dean Dalla Valle in recent months to discuss the issue.

However, prime minister Tony Abbott told press at the Caval Ridge opening in October that he supported mine operator BMAs decision to use FIFO workers.

“It's important to have arrangements which work for investors and to have arrangements which work with staff. FIFO works for some people, it works for some mines,” Abbott said

“As I understand it, the economics of this mine worked with fly-in fly-out, they weren't going to work on a different basis and I want this mine to go ahead.”

Image: Couriermail

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