More jobs cut at Curragh coal mine

Around 50 labour hire workers have been cut by contractor Thiess at the Curragh coal mine.

This workforce reduction marks the third round of cuts in two months, following the cutting of 70 contractors in late June, and another 20 fulltime positions in early July.

It is understood the positions are mainly Workpac workers, hired by Thiess.

A Curragh spokesperson explained “Thiess made a decision that 50 labour hire personnel wouldn’t currently be needed at the operation”.

Workers on site say they were blindsided by the suddenness of the decision.

“We went to prestart on Thursday night to hear Thiess say they were laying off 50 labour hire personnel as of now," an unnamed worked told The Morning Bulletin.

"We finished our shift and next morning we were to ring the labour hire people to see if we still had a job.

"They're (Thiess) not saying anything and all these people are stressed out… it's got to the point where they can just say you're not coming back tomorrow."

Thiess has been contacted for further comment.

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