More arrests at Maules Creek mine

‘Bat Attack’ protests are continuing at Maules Creek mine, with activists occupying trees in a bid to stop clearing activity.

Two people have occupied sections of the Leard State Forest with structures roping off areas to prevent Whitehaven Coal clearing trees as part of the construction of the mine.

Activists claim the work will cause harm to a number of bat species, and have staged a string of protests over the last week in a bid to halt the mine’s development.

Earlier today five people locked themselves together blocking the entrance to the mine which prevented workers from entering the premises.

Police and Police Rescue arrived on site and the five people blocking the road have been arrested.

Sunday also saw a spate of arrests after several people locked themselves to bulldozers at the mine site.

Leard Forest Alliance spokesperson Ros Druce argues that the Maules Creek mine should never have gone ahead.

“The people who have seen first-hand the destruction of this irreplaceable ecosystem are clearly saying ‘never again’,” Druce said.

Direct activism at the site has been ongoing since construction started 13 months ago, but Whitehaven Coal maintains the protests have had little effect on the project.

The mine has already started exporting coal, and is more than 85 per cent complete.

Images: FrontLineActionCoal


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