Month long work roster change angers miners

 Employees of Bechtel have voiced their anger after being told their roster is changing from 10 days on, four off, to 28 days on, seven days off from next year.

According to the Daily Mercury, the company has told workers at four of its mining operations that the rosters are set to change from January next year, forcing employees to work for nearly a month straight.

Annual leave would also reportedly by used for rostered days off.

Bechtel initially confirmed the roster changes for its operations at BMA’s Caval Ridge, Broadmeadow, South Walker Creek, and Daunia mines, but later told the Daily Mercury that these changes would not be implemented.

They went on to say that workers had been consulted on these changes as well.

Bechtel said that "a number of options have been put forward and we have received feedback on those options," the spokesperson said.

"Nothing is finalised at this stage. We will go back to them as soon as possible when all the feedback has been considered."

However, workers are furious over the proposed changes.

"This may have been okay in the 1950s, but I think we have moved on as a society since then," one employee said.

Proposed roster changes have been one of the driving forces behind the long running series of industrial actions at BMA’s coal mines in Queensland.

Bechtel witnessed a mass walk out at the Yarwun 2 refinery construction site following serious safety issues, in which one man lost his leg and sulphuric acid was spilled.


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