Monadelphous proposes voluntary FIFO rosters


Monadelphous has introduced flexible fly-in, fly-out (FIFO) rosters for its employees to allow for working arrangements that are conducive to hard border closures.

The rosters will allow for semi-residential roster arrangements and FIFO workers to return to their home state for breaks.

Monadelphous has also provided an option for workers to maintain their standard roster, acknowledging the risks associated with border restrictions.

Western Australia, which is home to major mining hubs, has shut its doors to the rest of the country multiple times during the pandemic in an effort to stop the virus from spreading.

Most recently, the country reinstated a hard border closure with Queensland due to a COVID-19 outbreak. However, this was lifted on Tuesday.

Border closures have impacted FIFO workers from travelling to their home states, forcing many to clip their wings in the state where their job is located.

Monadelphous stated the health and wellbeing of its employees came first.

“We know everyone’s personal circumstances are different, so for our team members working away from their home states, we have worked hard to provide voluntary roster options which provide our people with the flexibility to choose,” the company stated.

“We’re grateful for the sacrifices our employees make every day working away from their loved ones.”

Monadelphous was awarded a $150 million major crane services contract by Fortescue Metals Group, which was announced last month alongside an extended drilling and construction agreement with Vysarn.

This comes off the back of Monadelphous securing almost $1 billion in revenue for the 2021 financial year.

The company is expecting its string of contracts to continue in the areas of lithium, gold, copper, iron ore and nickel.

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