Mobile camp saves three hour commute for Roy Hill workers

The CEO of Roy Hill Station has commended contractors that finished construction of a new camp last month, which has saved some workers a three hour commute from Newman.

Built on four hectares, the 300 person camp has been dubbed Camp Kennedy, and is one of the largest mobile camps to be built by Ausco Modular.

The entire camp was built in only five weeks, completed on March 13, and Roy Hill Station chief executive officer David Mills said it had seemed like what he called an ‘impossible project’.

“Going from a bare four hectare site to a fully functional 300 man camp less than five weeks is phenomenal to say the least,” Mills said.

“The team were very professional whilst working through the hottest period of the Pilbara’s summer, nothing was ever a problem and all our company received were results.

“The product comes highly recommended with all the comforts one could expect from this style of accommodation.

“We at Roy Hill Station look forward to the potential of expanding our camp with comfort and reassurance knowing Ausco Modular’s incredible capabilities,” he said.

Ausco account manager Ashley Butler said the new camp was modelled directly on Roy Hill’s existing on-site accommodation.

“The camp’s location at Roy Hill Station will significantly reduce travel time for the workers who have previously been commuting up to three hours from a camp in Newman.”

Butler said the Ausco Modular mobile offering was invaluable for projects such as Roy Hill which may need to ramp up or down at short notice.

“To be able to deliver a camp of this scale in just five weeks doesn’t even compare to traditional building methods,” he said.

“This camp is expected to be in place for around three months, and once it has been removed we will be able to re-service the buildings and integrate them back into our mobile fleet.

“In addition, the non-invasive nature of mobile camps means we can remove the camp and facilities with minimal impact on the environment.”


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