Mixed messages for Tassie mining

While Commsec analysts say Tasmania needs more money from the mining boom a wildlife expert says resources development in the Tarkine threatens the survival of the last Tasmanian devils.

In its latest State of the State report CommSec marked Tasmania as the worst performing region in Australia and said it was a good candidate for receiving redistributed funds from the mining boom.

"Tasmania is under-performing other state and territory economies and arguably is the number one candidate of any regional income redistribution as the Federal Government seeks to share the benefits of the mining boom across the broader Australian economy," it said.

In a recent business survey National Australia Bank also said Tasmania was lagging behind the rest of Australia and mining states WA and QLD were well ahead.

Tasmania's efforts to develop its own mining sector in the Tarkine region have been opposed by environmentalists who say the industry threatens the area's pristine flora and fauna.

The Australian reports Save the Tasmanian Devil Program chief scientist Hamish McCallum said there was new evidence to suggest mining threatened the state's last Tasmanian devils.

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