Mining’s green initiatives should “focus on the money”

The resources industry should focus on the benefit of energy efficiency rather than the impact of global warming if it's to succeed in driving sustainable initiatives, says sustainability strategist Martin Blake.

Blake told Australian Mining if businesses and policymakers "focused on the money" then green initiatives would have a greater likelihood of being adopted.

"If they actually looked at energy reductions and cost savings there wouldn't be this debate about whether carbon is produced by man, or whether sea levels were rising," he said.

"Arguing about carbon isn't the way to get businesses to do it. It's better if all of those conversations disappear."

Blake said instead of treating green and sustainable initiatives as moves to protect the environment, they should be looked at "the same way you would any other business decision".

Having worked with the resources industry in the Middle East, Blake said companies were keen to adopt sustainable initiatives when there was a strong business case for it.

"When they found out how much money there was to be saved the approach was 'Whose fault is it? Why didn't we do this earlier?'," he said.

Blake will be presenting at the International Green Awards later this month, with the first summit kicking off in Townsville next week.

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