Mining workwear banned at pub

A Port Hedland pub manager said business is booming since patrons were banned from wearing work uniforms.

The Finucane Island Sports and Recreation Club introduced the ban more than a year ago.

Club manager Tom Keefe said the ban was aimed at cutting down on violence between miners.

"Work uniforms cause too much animosity between the companies," he said.

"It usually starts out as a joke, a bit of a nudge or comment but by the end of the night it escalates."

Keefe said the atmosphere had improved and membership had almost quadrupled since the ban was introduced, ABC reported.

"It's going really good, they did say it wasn't going to work, it will never work, we will lose out and lose customers," he said.

"We're getting a lot of families coming back in on a Sunday, we are getting kids that are coming in, we do a lot of fundraising for different sporting groups and that's doubled as well."

Keefe said before 'high vis' was banned, the club was getting around 1,500 to 1,600 people but now it is up to 6,000.

"We've got a pretty good reputation for a good atmosphere, good family atmosphere, it's where there is no agro, we have cut that right out," he said.

"Company shirts, names, logos, names of different persons on their shirts, they were coming in, you would have different companies poaching different workers."

"It was getting to the stage where it was getting absolutely ridiculous," he said.

"Locals were pulling away because all they wanted to do was come down and have a quiet meal, a few drinks and a good night."


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