Mining wages unsustainable: QRC

The Queensland Resources Council has echoed mining magnate Gina Rinehart’s recent claims, announcing the mining sector’s high wages are unsustainable.

QRC director of economics and infrastructure David Rynne made the claim at this month's Toowoomba and Surat Basin Enterprise evening.

"I know we're all enjoying them at the moment but they are not sustainable," he said.

Rynne explained that the industry had experienced two booms and two busts within two years, and investors have been left feeling understandably nervous.

But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, Rynne added that although the industry is still facing economic and regulation challenges, big dollars and opportunity lay ahead.

"India will be a huge growth market, much like China," he said.

"It is what we describe as still on the tarmac but when it takes off … hold on to your seats.

"The demand isn't going to go away. The demand for what we have in this part of the world is insatiable."

Rynne revealed that the QRC’s two 2013 priorities are tackling the State Government's "blunt" approach to Statutory Regional Planning, in which prime agricultural farmland was blocked from mining, as well as putting together a code of practice for QRC's members, The Chronicle reported.

The code of practice will be devised to assist members cut through red tape, ensuring QRC members are abided by "full, fair and reasonable access" within their operations.

Rynne described Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney's Statutory Regional Planning as "a bit blunt and arbitrary for our liking".

"Why lock up resources that we know we'll one day get to market?" Rynne asked.

"We are saying to the government: 'It's too blunt'."

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