Mining training hubs launched

 The Mining Industry Skills Centre has launched the Accelerated Skilling Hubs (ASH) to rapidly train workers for the industry.

According to the Skills Centre, it developed ASH on the premise of exploring a Silicon Valley model; creating a hub of expertise, training and technology to advance the industry.

It will utilise gaming technologies, simulation techniques and automation to quickly skills workers in a ‘centre of excellence’ environment which can be located regionally or in a capital centre.

“This concept is the first of its kind – a completely new use of the latest technologies – and we’re confident it will radically redefine and improve skills in the resources workforce at an accelerated rate,” Skills Centre CEO Derek Hunter said.

“This is training for the future.”

While a confirmed first site has not been announced, it will most likely come down to demand.

“Where we place the first hub will depend on where the demand is coming from, and right now that could be in Queensland or it could be abroad,” he said.

The technology was developed with the CSIRO, Immersive Realisation, CAE Mining, Real Serious Games and SAGE.


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