Mining tax may be in doubt

 The mining tax may be in doubt as a key politician in its move forward is "still to be persuaded" of its merits.

Independent MP Andrew Wilkie is reportedly still yet to come to a decision on the tax, and is also considering an amendment to raise its threshold, which may diminish revenues generated by the Mineral Resources Rent Tax, according to the North Queensland Register.

Wilkie’s support of the tax is crucial for the government, as fellow MPs Tony Crook and Bob Katter go against the MRRT.

He stated that his vote is not a given for the tax, despite the fact that he support the concept of the MRRT.

”I am still to be persuaded that they have got it right,” he told The Sunday Age..

”My visit to WA confirmed my concerns for the mining juniors. The depreciation provisions in the MRRT seem unfair to the smaller miners.”


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