Mining still Seek’s top paying industry in Australia

Mining, resources and energy remains the highest paid industry on jobs portal Seek despite a slight year-on-year fall.

The average annual salary advertised on Seek for the Australian mining, resources and energy industry is $115,005, a one per cent drop on what the online employment platform reported in 2016.

Mining, resources and energy remains comfortably ahead of the consulting and strategy ($108,471), construction ($106,693), engineering ($103,247), and information and communication technology ($102,548) industries.

However, the four rounding out Seek’s top five highest paying industries all recorded increases compared with their averages from a year ago.

Seek spokesperson Sarah Macartney said: “It’s interesting to see that mining, resources and energy is still Australia’s highest paying industry on Seek.

“The decline in job advertising associated with the mining downturn looks to have finally turned and earning prospects remain strong for those working in this industry.”

Macartney said the mining, resources and energy industry enjoyed Seek’s greatest advertised growth in Western Australia during January, with job ads rising by 45 per cent year-on-year.

“However, it’s important to point out that while it is great to see high earning potential across industries that actual growth in advertised salary year-to-year has remained relatively flat,” Macartney said.

“Employees should look at what other perks or benefits they can weave into their remuneration if salaries are not on the rise. This may be the inclusion of a phone or car in their package, free parking or gym memberships, or increased annual leave.”

Mining, resources and energy also featured in Seek’s top five highest paying jobs. Salaries for managers in the industry increased by one per cent to $133,169, making the role the third highest paid job advertised on Seek behind architects ($137,707) and engineering managers ($133,530).

Macartney said it was also interesting that management roles in mining, resources and energy, along with engineering and information and communication technology (ICT), was among the top five highest paying jobs advertised on Seek.

“These roles directly support the growth and prosperity of our nation and in return these professionals are being highly remunerated to manage the build teams that can deliver on the needs of businesses,” Macartney added.

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