Mining still a strong job creator: Shorten

Mining is a significant new job creator and will continue to be over the next five years, says employment minister Bill Shorten.

In an interview earlier this week Shorten said while the healthcare sector contributed more jobs than the mining industry, it wasn't correct to say mining didn't create a lot of work.

"In the last five years mining would have created about 130,000 jobs of the 810,000 that have been created and in the next five years it'll create another 100,000 jobs," he said.

"So out of 1.6 million jobs, mining will contribute 200,000."

Shorten also penned an article in the Daily Telegraph today praising the mining sector for its contribution to job creation.

"If gold medals were awarded to particular industries for new job creation, before the starter's gun fired there would be one stand-out unbackable favourite. I talk of the mining industry," he said.

Shorten said mining would continue to provide a strong boost to the economy in the future and rightly deserved to "capture the headlines".

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