Mining school may close

Low numbers may force the closure of Kalgoorlie’s school of mines.

The Western Australian School of Mines (WASM) may close its Kalgoorlie campus due to ‘unsuitably low numbers’.

Curtin University vice chancellor Professor Jane den Hollander has said that there is concern over the low numbers of first and second year students and whether those numbers can actually increase.

However, WASM graduate associate president Tony James said that closing the school may deprive the mining industry of workers with essential skills in the future.

Curtin University had previously proposed scrapping the first and second year courses at Kalgoorlie two years ago, but encountered community backlash.

This year’s intake saw only 11 first year students, as compared with the Bently campus intake of 56 students.

However, despite the dwindling first and second year numbers, demand has risen for third, fourth and post graduate courses at the campus.

The decision is now being revisited with working groups already set up to investigate.

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