Mining-related councils call for rate change

A mining body is demanding significant changes to the Local Government Act rating system that will let councils have mine rates as supplementary instead of as part of the general pool.

The Association of Mining Related Councils and representatives from many local councils including the Liverpool Plains Shire Council met in Sydney last week, the ABC reported.

Director of Environmental Services with the Liverpool Plains Shire Council Ron Van Katwyk argued regarding rates related to gas exploration and extraction as supplementary will prevent any effect on each local government area’s base rate.

This would benefit residents and landholders, he said.

“When mining rates are included in the rating pool it has the effect of driving down other rates but then when those miners leave, there is a massive gap to be filled,” he said.

“There is a real shock to the general ratepayer when the pool has to make up what is now missed by the mining activity leaving the area.”

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