Mining marsupials rescued after getting the shaft

Four kangaroos have had a lucky escape after falling down a mineshaft in Central Victoria.

On November 22 hikers discovered the hapless macropods when they spotted a kangaroo’s head poking over the top of the hole.

On further investigation the hikers found two male kangaroos as well as a female and it’s joey at the bottom of a five metre deep hole.

The largest male had been attempting to jump and claw its way out of the crumbling tunnel.

Five Freedoms Animal Rescue member Manfred Zabinskas abseiled into the hole to rescue the animals, after sedating them with a syringe on a pole.

The largest kangaroo weighed 70 kilograms, presenting a challenging rescue.

The Age reported that all of the kangaroos suffered injuries including scratches, broken bones and punctures, and the female had to be euthanized because of its injuries.

Zabinskas said he had never seen so many animals in one spot.

In October last year Northern Territory Police were confronted with a difficult situation when called to rescue an antilopine wallaroo from an abandoned copper mine shaft near Daly River.

In May 2014 frontier guards in China rescued a snow leopard that had become stuck in a coal mine.

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