Mining made safer with Mineral Blue

Mineral Blue is an integrated Safe System of Work (iSSoW) for the mining and resources industry, designed to streamline safety processes using the internet and mobile devices.

The system deploys permits, risk assessments and other safety documents to mobile devices and by reducing administration time, it empowers managers to provide a safer workplace.

Permits are fully electronic and interactive, meaning supervisors can control tasks and workers can sign on and off using their mobile devices. The system also reduces costs related to inefficient paper processes, as up to 10 per cent of project costs in oil, gas and mining industries are lost to permit related downtime.

Mineral Blue involves five key features:

Cobra: Cloud-Oriented Business Risk Aggregator (Cobra) is Mineral Blue’s inbuilt risk management system. Cobra is not intended to take the place of an enterprise risk management system, although it can function as a simple risk management system in its own right. It is an entry point for risk documents into the Mineral Blue workflow, and thus onto mobile devices. It enables engineers and risk assessors to create, control and securely distribute risk assessments in the cloud.

MySkills: This is an online place for workers to save and share their work certificates and professional qualifications to be verified by employers. Those certificates can then be shared online and by email as workers move from role to role, wherever they are in the world. If an employee’s certificate expires, stakeholders are notified by email and SMS.

ePermit: Permit delays are one of the main causes of cost overruns in the mining and resources industries. ePermit is designed to eliminate permit queues, by deploying authorised permits to mobile devices.. This means reduced costs from reduced worker downtime, and increased safety due to improved permit controller working conditions and workload. ePermit includes six standard permit types out of the box [a general work permit, a hot work permit, a confined space entry permit, and three electrical permits] and the system can be extended to include virtually any permit.

iSOL8: This automates isolation processes using cloud technology, NFC radio tagging and mobile devices. iSOL8 employs an interlocking system of technology constraints that act to prevent work starting on plant until it is known to be isolated. This enhances worker safety and reduces downtime.

Factsafe: The Factsafe app enables field operators to save timestamped and geo-located evidence of critical project events using mobile devices. The app reduces litigation risk by photographing and timestamping an event on site. It includes features for completing health and safety checklists, and work reports. Checklist submissions are scheduled, and compliance is managed, using email and SMS. In the back-office system, Factsafe also includes graphical tracking of KPIs based on checklist submissions.

Mineral Blue has also announced the release of Fedora, a socially responsible encryption system. Governments routinely ask encryption providers to provide backdoors that enable them to decrypt ciphertext. This puts providers in a difficult position as backdoors create weaknesses that can be exploited by criminals.

Fedora solves this problem by providing secure, private key access to the government of your choice from the outset. It is aimed at socially responsible businesses and individuals and is both open source and free.

Fedora goes live on Google Play on January 1.

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