Mining industry pays highest wages

According to new Australian Bureau of Statistics figures the mining industry continues to pay the highest level of remuneration to Australian workers.

This comes as speculation about the future strength and direction of the industry continues to simmer.

Released last week, the ABS Employee Earnings and Hours Report showed that the mining industry continues to pay the highest wages in the country, with average take home earnings sitting at $2,388.20 as of May 2012.

The average hourly rate in the sector was reported to be $52.30.

“In the Mining industry, 63 per cent of full-time adult non-managerial employees earned weekly total cash earnings of more than $2,000 per week,” ABS director of labour employer surveys, Mike Scott said.

In comparison the lowest weekly earnings are reported to be sales workers ($607), community and personal service workers ($707), and labourers ($779), Scott said.

The strong mining populous in Western Australia means the state enjoys the highest wages in the country, reported.

The average weekly pay for all workers in Western Australia is $1,328, climbing as high as $1,634 per week for full-time workers, or almost $85,000 per year.

On the flip side, the mining industry also topped the list of the longest average work week, in particular full time machinery operators and drivers clocked an average of 43.7 hours.

According to the ABS on average Australians work about 33 hours a week. 

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